Heat Pump Over LPG Boiler For Hot Water In Hotels – A Case Study of a 4 Star Hotel

As hotels across the country are struggling with low occupancy rates and trying hard to reduce their operational expenses, one smart hotel owner figured out a simple solution that saves 70% on their energy bill. Curious about what that solution is? Watch the short video below by our CEO answering just that! 



Are Heat Pumps for Hot Water Bathing Applications Really Safer, More Economical and Environmentally Friendly For Hotels?

We are talking about a 4-star hotel in Chennai where they were using LPG. They were consuming 35-50 kgs of LPG a day for hot water to cater to the bathing needs of the guests. 

The increasing LPG cost was affecting their bottom line and what was more bothersome was the handling of LPG. The found it to be a safety hazard and found it more difficult to handle LPG.

What is the solution? We gave a Heat Pump system – a more energy-efficient and safer product. 

And we said we don’t need that much modification for the existing system; we integrated with the existing clarifier tank. It was also needing to handle variable heating needs from 40 degrees to 90 degrees Centigrade. 

They also wanted a fool-proof system because it was critical to provide hot water at all times to the guests. So they wanted a monitoring mechanism to be an error-free mechanism. 

We gave a 28kW Heat Pump system to them; We integrated it; We installed it on the rooftop that was extremely challenging.  We integrated with their existing hot water calorifier. We did it in three days. The integration was direct because the water quality was good. We didn’t need to install an extra heater, heat exchanger, extra circulation pump, or any of that. The cost was very low because of that. 

With the 28kW heat pump system, we also gave a thermal energy monitoring system. What we actually did was to give it on the rental because they were not very sure that this heat pump will work for them, will it save for them, will it cater to all their needs, will it be reliable. 

So, we gave the Heat Pump on rental to them. They looked at the savings; they monitored the savings using our heat monitoring system. We gave them our monitoring system as well. By looking at the savings they were so happy that they were willing to buy the system and convert the Rental into a CapEx.  

The energy system replaced 35 to 50 kgs of LPG per day that cost about Rs.2500 every day for them and replaced it with electricity. Since the COP of the heat pump system was about 3, it consumed 1 unit of electricity to produce 3 units of heat and hence they spend only 900 Rs. a day and get their heating requirement for all their bathing water applications satisfied with only 900 Rs. a day. 

Their payback period was less than 16 months.. less than 1 and a half years. This is how the installation looked on their rooftop. 

  • Technically, this was a safer system..easier to operate..easy to monitor and control. 
  • Financially, it saves 70% of their energy costs. They had a payback period of less than 16 months.
  • Environmentally, although they were using a cleaner fuel like LPG, because the consumption was reduced one-third, because the heat pump was absorbing heat from the atmosphere and giving out as heat, the savings on CO2 in terms of environmental damage avoided was also about 11000 kgs over the period of last few months that we have operated the heat pump system. So, not only was it economical this was also ecological.

So, overall this heat pump is going to save Rs.6.5 lakhs per annum for the customer. 

If you are using any other thing other than a heat pump for heating, for bathing application or washing application in your hotel, we will be happy to suggest a heat pump system which can be safer, more economical, ecological…If you have any questions about whether it will work or not, you can always rent a system..you can try it out for a few months – see if it works for you and then convert into CapEx. 


We look forward to hearing from you…Thank you. 

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