Do you hear Earth’s silent whisper?  What is she trying to communicate to us? Against the smoke, noise, draught, floods, even if she screams her distress, we actually might miss to hear her.

Those who heard her distress, talk about going green, saving energy, prevent global warning, etc. But the awareness lectures are always attached to the term “for your future generations”.   The word “future” actually gives the impression that the need is not immediate and slows down the seriousness of the situation.  To quote an example people are aware that the activities such as Yoga, physical exercise, walking and healthy diet prevents heart disease, hypertension or diabetes.  But, don’t we usually postpone it till we encounter a real heart-attack?  Unless we face the dire state or symptoms that compels us to take the exercise route we generally wouldn’t.

This being the case, all over the world, Governments through various measures compel, coerce people or offer economic incentives like subsidies and preferential tariff.  For example, CDM and RPO are more of such measures.  The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) stimulates sustainable development and emission reductions and  demands (or compels) people.

There are only broadly 2 measures.

Viability gap funding:  Capital subsidies, feed-in-tariff, Accelerated depreciation etc., fall into this category.  Either pay money against investment, or pay against generation – but pay more to whoever invests.

Compulsions:  Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) demands (or compels) people to generate certain portion of their energy from clean sources.  Kyoto protocol etc., are at the country level but the same compulsion to reduce energy usage or generate using clean sources.

There are some combination measures – like The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) stimulates sustainable development and emission reductions.  Essentially an intelligent combination of the above 2.

Overall, the effect is slow adoption.  Earth is essentially stuck with the paradigm that – it is either “protect future” or “current profit”.  Is there some way to have it both ways?

In the world expecting instant gratification, quarter on quarter growth, what does Aspiration Cleantech Ventures mean when it talks about, “Fast Forward to the Solar Future”.  Is there anything for the present in it?

Yes! of course!  Industrial process heating and rural electrification are the best of both the worlds.  It gives immediate benefits – call it instant gratification.  And, at the same time it fulfils all the other aspects of Earth’s future protection.

Aspiration Cleantech Ventures offers economically viable solutions, that save the environment and is installed on the otherwise wasted factory rooftop space.