Solar against Biomass

Solar Energy is 100% clean energy. It controls pollution in atmosphere, paving way to cleaner, greener environment.

Using Briquette based boilers for heating though renewable, still spoils the atmosphere by CO2 emissions.

Most of the industries invest in Solar technologies not as a energy saving or ROI initiative but more from the Social responsibility angle for Clean, Green energy with ZERO emissions and Carbon reduction commitments.

Investment on Solar is an added benefit for the brand image. In such a scenario a strict ROI calculation may not be required as long as the project pays for itself – even if it takes longer to pay back the investment.

Compared to Solar PV and Solar CSP technologies, Aspiration Energy thermal has the lowest cost per MW and hence is a better Solar investment than other Solar alternatives.

Another reason you may want to switch will be due to concerns of continued fuel availability in right quantities at the right time. Here the risk mitigation approach is difficult to quantify in terms of monetary value, even though you may have some numbers associated with loss of production, down time etc.

When we replace the system with a Solar system (with hot water storage facility), the boiler itself could be sold and the re-sale price could be adjusted against the solar investment.

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