Is your boiler truly efficient?

Given that your boiler accounts for the majority of your heating fuel bill, I am sure you are constantly looking at ways to improve its efficiency.  In a typical industrial environment, even at its best, your boiler can only be 85% efficient.

Do you monitor the performance of your boiler at plant load condition?  Are you aware of how these losses contribute to your boiler’s inefficiency?

  • Radiation and Exhaust losses
  • Start-up losses
  • Pre & post purge losses
  • Loss at high turn down
  • Loss during change of loads
  • Idle and stand-by losses

Download to know more about these losses.

At Aspiration Energy provide renewable energy solutions in the areas of Solar Thermal, Solar Photovoltaic, and Energy Efficiency Services.

As part of our Energy efficiency services, we offer True Boiler Efficiency services that will help you uncover your actual costs on boiler.

Kanchana. R

Head – Operations

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