UCAL Fuel systems had installed a heat pump in its plants as part of Aspiration Cleantech Ventures’s rental demo installation to prove the savings of a heat pump. The duration of the demo was from the 21st of November to the 9th of December.


The demo showcased a 14 kW heat pump for one of its vacuum pump line washing machines. It has since proved a savings of 46 %, convincing UCAL that Heat pumps are the way to move forward in terms of sustainable industrial heating solutions for industrial washing machines.


UCAL Fuel Systems was established in 1985 by Carburetors Ltd. (pioneers in India in the manufacture of Carburetors and mechanical fuel pumps) as a joint venture company with Mikuni Corporation Japan – internationally renowned company for fuel management products and are in the business of providing holistic solutions in fuel management systems and is committed to producing products of consistent quality and timely delivery.

Aspiration Cleantech Ventures and UCAL after a series of studies, agreed to install it for the vacuum pump line washing machine which perfectly fit our portfolio – with a temperature of 70 C and an actual load of around 7 kW.

A brief summary of the demo is given below:


Heaters Units Consumption

Average Energy Consumption in Heaters per hour = 6.34 kW

Daily Units Consumption = 6.34 kW *24 Hours = 152

Units per day  


Heat pump Units Consumption

Average Energy Consumption in Heat Pump      = 3.54 kW

Daily Units Consumption                                        = 3.54 kW * 24 Hours

= 84.96 Units per day


Daily Units Savings per day                                    = 157.9 – 84.6                                                                                                                                                            = 73.3 Units

Total Units to be saved per month                       = 67.04 x 26                                                                                                                                                                = 2,413 Units per month

(For 2 washing machines units = 4,102 )

Total Cost saving per month                                  = Rs.16,894 per month

(Cost Saving = 4,102 x 7 = Rs. 28,714)


Heat Pump Investment cost                                   = 6.5 Lakhs (Provision for 2 Washing machines)

Return On Investment (ROI)                                   = 22.6 Months

Accelerated Depreciation Claim                            = 40 % year on year for Energy Saving equipment

After AD for 3 years ROI                                          = 16.6 months

UCAL and Aspiration Cleantech Ventures now plan on to implement this technology to the rest of the washing machines in Maraimalai Nagar and to other plants thorough out India as well.


Success stories like these are what drives us towards making a greener and cleaner future.