Good practices in maintaining industrial solar water heaters

A common claim among the users of solar heaters is its inefficiency  to generate heat as time progresses.

A system installed with large sums of investment does not do justice to its value. They do however have some underlying causes.

This problem is the cause of lack of maintenance.


Industrial Solar Heaters are sustainable energy sources that provide heating solutions for applications with temperature requirements of up to 120 deg C. They reduce the use of fossil fuels and also significantly reduce energy costs by the using the sun\’s energy to deliver heat to the processes.

This also means that the solar heater\’s system performance depends on the solar radiation at the site.


A conventional solar hot water system consists of solar collectors, piping, strainer, pumps etc.

Each of these is a system in itself and requires proper maintenance – both general and breakdown for flawless functioning.

This webinar deals with the maintenance issues that are part of having a solar heater.


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