Crying baby – and not “Hungry baby” gets food

Follow through and keeping track:

What is the big deal in following through and keeping track?

Seems to be a big challenge for this world at large. While it is heartening to know that I am not alone, it is saddening at the same time to know that I am not alone.

I work with large corporates including the leading cellular operator in India. I am surprised to learn how unorganized they are. Simple act of keeping minutes of the meetings, following through, keeping track of tasks, calendars – oops! How difficult can that be? Why does the world not do it?

I have always thought it is my “personal” weakness. In the past few years, I have used a calendar to monitor my engagements through the day. But, clearing emails, clearing all the tasks, follow-through of ideas vs implementation – I have perceived as my weakness. I felt the world-at-large is good at it, and I am poor at it.

But, I am seeing that world at large is feeding crying babies and not hungry babies. Let me explain.

Lets say we see 2 babies. It is 1 pm. One has eaten hearty breakfast, and the other has not eaten anything since morning. The one who has had good breakfast is crying loud – loudness increasing by the minute. The other baby is quiet.

Who should be fed first? The more hungry or the unfed baby, right? But, who do we generally feed? The loud baby!

I am finding that the whole world seems to have the same weakness. I work with large corporates – and generally this principle holds good.

I would have thought that this discovery that more people have the same issue would provide me solace. On the contrary – it makes me feel worse – for the world. How sad!

~ Bhoo, CEO, Aspiration Energy

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  1. One of the large corporates I know had an official policy that they will not approve capex proposals if they are not pushed hard, multiple times during the year and also for multiple years – the logic was, if it is not that urgent, then it can wait or may be it is really not required.

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