Fire Your Boiler – Webinar

A webinar titled \” Fire Your Boilers\” was conducted by Aspiration Energy.


Conventional heating systems involve the use of boilers as primary sources of heat using fossil fuels such as Diesel, Electricity, or LPG.


They are not however, used as efficiently as possible – often used at low loads and efficiencies.


This is because the energy utilised at the point of utilisation is low and boiler losses also constitute a large portion of the problems. For example, boilers are used in initial loading conditions at high efficiencies of upto 70 percent, but lose the efficiency at constant low load conditions.


One way of increasing the utilisation efficiency is to use accumulators that store the water/steam produced at high load, high efficiency conditions.


Reducing the boiler losses such as standby and flue gas losses is an another method.


Monitoring the energy consumption using thermal monitoring systems to study the efficiency is also recommended.


However the most sustainable and at the same time, economical solution is to replace them with heat pumps as primary sources of heat.


Heat pumps are highly efficient machines that use the ambient heat in the surroundings to heat the process. They can produce temperatures that a conventional low temperature boiler can produce.


This webinar deals with the issues that are part of the firing a boiler and the advantages of using the heat pumps as full replacement or solar thermal as partial replacement.


The presentation can be viewed below.

The entire recording of the webinar can be viewed below.

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