Solar Energy vs Solar Power

\"power-157\"When I was invited to this conference on Energy-Economy-Environment, I was very happy.  I was even super-happy to see the backdrop – as it had more mention of “Energy” than “Power”.

But, the entire first half was devoted to power – and solar and wind power themselves were an “alternative option”, and speaker after speaker spoke about the power situation in Tamil Nadu and grid situation, and so on.

I was curious, and started counting words “Power” and “Energy” in the program agenda. . It was:

Page 1:  Power    6  ; Energy  3  .  Hands down, “Power” wins!
Page 2:  Power   11  ; Energy 2 .  Hands down, “Power” wins!
Page 3:  Power    1    ; Energy  11 .  Hands down, FINALLY “Energy” wins!  I was talking in this session, and was very happy!

Finally, I mentioned this to the audience and explained how Aspiration Energy is focused on the “other” side of solar – the energy side, rather than just the electrical power side.

~ Bhoo, CEO, Aspiration Energy

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