“Too Good to be True” – That was the reaction of a leading global Trucks Manufacturer, when Aspiration Cleantech Ventures told that replacement of Electric Heaters with Heat Pump will reduce more than 50% of energy consumption for one of its Industrial processes.

The Truck Manufacturer was skeptical about Heat Pumps and challenged Aspiration Cleantech Ventures to prove its claims about the energy savings. Aspiration Cleantech Ventures accepted the challenge, installed a Heat Pump at its own cost, and proved how Heat Pumps not only reduce energy consumption for the process by 80,000 kWh/year(53%), but also reduce the carbon foot print by 70,000 kg Co2/year.

And the story has a happy ending.

The Trucks Manufacturer has ordered more Heat Pumps for installation n some of its other sites.

How did Aspiration Cleantech Ventures reduce electricity consumption and Carbon footprint? Download the case study here.