The world is currently addressing the imminent threat of climate change, renewable energy systems are thriving, and governments are bringing in more and more initiatives to mitigate greenhouse gases.Climate Solver Award is one such initiative by The World Wide Fund in association with the Government of India, and other stakeholders like innovation incubators, industrial associations and business networks that play an important role in helping and supporting climate innovation solutions.The Wild Life Fund awards small to medium scale enterprises for their potential to produce renewable energy technologies that reduce the carbon emissions. More details about the award can be found here



Aspiration Cleantech Ventures, a sustainable industrial heating solutions provider, was awarded the Climate Solver Award in the year 2013 for executing eight commercial scale solar thermal installations for industrial process heat projects equivalent to 1 MW.



The scale and numbers have since drastically increased with the company now saving around 1000 MW of energy.Also, carbon emissions, around 2.5 Megatonnes, and energy savings amounting to nearly 4 Crores have been prevented owing to the projects running under Aspiration Cleantech Ventures.The projected savings, from the next 10 years, will be around 200 Million tonnes of carbon.It is this commitment towards sustainable industrial solutions that make it the leader in this industrial solar thermal sector in India.With a ‘more than happy’ client base from the savings given, cutting edge technology, and committed principle towards a better the future looks bright