7 Reasons to consider Roof Top Solar Thermal than Solar PV | Part (4/8)

Mechanical Trackers 


This post is part of a series of posts highlighting the feasibility of Solar Thermal when compared to Solar Photovoltaic modules.Find the previous post on costs, here.


The third reason on our list of reasons that suggest the pros of using Solar Thermal Instead of Solar Photovoltaic systems is Mechanical Devices that align the modules towards maximum solar irradiation.


This is a main criteria when it comes to cost for Solar PV systems.Solar mechanical trackers are costly to integrate and even harder to maintain.Solar Thermal modules do not need these trackers.







\"\"Solar Thermal modules have evacuated tubes that heat water that flow through it.This being circular in cross section absorbs irradiation from all sides, thus effectively capturing the energy with minimal losses.

In most cases the solar radiation incident on the Solar Thermal modules is far more than standard commitment that most companies provide


In the next post will look into the various loads that act on both these systems


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