What do we do?

Aspiration Cleantech Ventures  brings together high quality asset developers and investors. ASPCV’s expertise in the cleantech sector helps it identify, evaluate and deploy funds in high quality cleantech assets.

  • For investors, ASPCV offers a wide range of high quality assets with varying risk-return profiles
  • For System Integrators/Installers, ASPCV provides a helping hand by providing them the option of third party asset ownership model /equipment leasing through ASPCV.
  • For customers who want to use cleantech assets but are constrained by lack of financing options, ASPCV offers a Pay-As-You-Use Model with attractive payback periods and asset owning options.

ASPCV typically works on an OPEX model(a.k.a BOO/BOOT – Build-Own-Operate-Transfer Model), and owns these assets. For Distributed Renewable Energy projects(Rooftop Solar PV/Solar Thermal),  Aspiration Cleantech Ventures follows a RESCO(Renewable Energy Service Company) Model and for Energy Efficiency & Savings projects,  Aspiration Cleantech Ventures follows an ESCO(Energy Service Company) Model.

Apart from Financial services,  ASPCV also provides advisory services.