Agriculture, being the powerful tool to end poverty has turned to be the powerful tool to cause poverty too. The bitter truth we need to realize is that agricultural development is the major cause of reduced biodiversity and increased poverty. 

Since, agriculture accounts for one-third of Global Domestic Product, Knowing the difference between sustainable and non-sustainable methods and adopting them efficiently can boost the economy’s prosperity. 

Solar dryer is one among such sustainable solutions which slash costs, adds shelf life to fresh produce and thereby boosts income. 

Here’s the real story of a 28 year old woman who supplemented her farm income through sustainable ways even as COVID-19 distressed farmers in many regions.  

Sunitha Muthe, mother of two young children who lives in Kamkheda village, Maharashtra is very happy on making an income of around Rs. 43,000 during lockdown. 

Lockdown effects? Nahi!

Solar dryers ke effects hai

Installing solar dryers to dehydrate her farm produce(turmeric, onion and ginger) took a sudden turn in her life. 

Solar dryers have the capability of saving around 30% of the farm produce being lost every year especially in India due to the lack of proper storage and preservation methods. Though technological and non-sustainable methods could prevent rotting, they each time fail to retain the freshness, odour and natural taste. Solar dryers could produce a year’s shelf life with the same level of nutrients without adding chemicals. 

Knowing these ample benefits of solar dryers, Virudhunagar(a district in Tamil Nadu) collector R. Kannan  has come forward to encourage and is inviting applications from farmers to set up solar dryers with a subsidy of 50% to 60%. 

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