Recently, Tesla has unveiled the performance of its new 2021 Model Y. They quoted that Tesla’s addition of a Heat Pump to its 2021 Model Y has made the vehicle most affordable to the owners and it is proving to be around three times more efficient than older builds of the vehicle.

Most electric car heating systems work through heating coils. Electricity is sent through a resistive heating element, which creates heat that is then blown out of vents to heat the cabin. This differs from heating in Internal Combustion Engine cars because combustion engines produce a lot of waste heat. Heat is usually a waste of energy in cars because the heat you’re creating does not help in moving the car forward, so we are not getting anything useful out of it except we can use those waste heat to warm up the cabin during cold climates.

In an electric car, there is much less waste heat, so resistive heating is mostly used and is considered 100% efficient in that all the electricity which is lost by the system is turned into heat.  With this, one unit of electricity gets turned into one unit of heat energy.

Tesla has chosen the better way by installing a heat pump, which just moves heat from one place to another and it can do this more cheaply, energy-wise, than resistive heating. So for every one unit of energy, we can get three units of heat delivered to the cabin. This proves the addition of the heat pump was a strategy that will end up paying higher dividends to owners in cold climates.

Tesla is always known for its innovation and choosing the best ways which can offer value to the environment. Heat pumps are the ones that can offer higher efficiency and better contribution to our environment. It acts as a Game changer in the EV industry now through Tesla.

Heat pumps became the most popular product in the US and European countries and they are using Heat pumps for heating not only in their industries, but they also started using them in commercial and residential buildings.

Developed Countries like the USA announced to offer subsidies for installing Heat pumps in the residential buildings in their country. The awareness of heat pump applications and benefits is comparatively low in Indian industries.

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Most of us have realized the importance of savings in this pandemic. Do you know how much you can save by replacing a heating system in your industry?

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