Next to the UK, It’s America on the line. Yes, Joe Biden’s massive American jobs plan envisions HEAT PUMPS as the door to the zero-emission home of the future. Biden plans this not only to push oil and gas out of the market but to save energy because heat pumps are two to three times more energy-efficient than other conventional systems.

As part of the Agenda to tackle the climate crisis, the Biden-Harris administration has initiated an ambitious innovative effort to create jobs for tackling the climate crisis. The working group is mainly created to foster the President’s goal of a net-zero economy by 2050. India is also one among the countries been welcomed by Biden to underscore the urgency and economic benefits of stronger climatic action.

“It will be great if India announces a net-zero emission target”. Right?

Why not we as citizens of India help our nation to be one of the few nations helping “keep 1.5 degrees alive” (the goal to limit the rise in global temperature to 1.5 degree Celsius) .Net zero-emission means balancing the amount of greenhouse gas emission into the environment.

Heat pumps are typical climate warriors which reduces the direct greenhouse gas emissions by rejecting the demand for oil/gas. It is estimated that a heat pump can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80%.

Having more than half of the global population living in cities, they are the best spots to plan, develop and build a renewable future because they have the biggest share of global emissions. But It is estimated that only 18% of India’s urban people live with renewable targets which are not enough.

Why should we still stay away from the “need of the hour”?

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