A leading 5-Star Hotel in Chennai was experiencing a decline in its profits due to the increasing fuel costs. The 125 room Hotel, thanks to its proximity to the International Airport, had high occupancy levels and supplied 16,000 litres per day of Hot water at 65 Deg C to cater to the bathing needs of its guests. Two Diesel boilers were used to meet the demand for hot water and these boilers were consuming 64 litres of Diesel every day. The ever-increasing diesel prices in Chennai (Rs.56/ litre in July 2017 to Rs. 80/litre in October 2018), was financially affecting the bottom line of the Hotel.

Apart from the running cost, the diesel boilers required frequent maintenance, leading to significant downtown. Moreover, the burning of diesel was also leading to air pollution within the Hotel premises. Considering these issues, the Hotel Management desired to replace diesel boilers with cleaner, more efficient and less expensive alternatives. Understanding the needs of the customer, Aspiration Cleantech Ventures proposed to replace the boilers with Heat Pumps.

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