Indian industries are extremely energy-intensive. In 2017-18, they contributed 55.51% to the total national energy consumption of 5,53,904 kilotons of oil equivalent. For just industrial process heating of water and air up to 250 degrees Celsius alone, more than 15 million tons of oil and about 500 trillion kWh of electricity are being consumed annually. As energy demand and cost continue to rise, it has become imperative not just to save energy but also to improve overall energy efficiency. Energy-Efficient heating technologies like heat pump systems can economically recover heat from different sources including ambient air for use in various industrial and commercial applications. But there is a severe lack of awareness among industries about the existence of such technologies and also there is a lack of trained practitioners who can conduct effective heat energy assessments in industries and suggest modifications. In order to fill this gap, we are conducting a tailor-made one-day training program just for students who are looking to venture into the exciting field of industrial process heat and to equip them with tools and techniques to conduct thermal energy assessments in industries of any size. Starting from fundamentals, how to find prospects with heating demands, what data to collect, how to analyze collected data and report findings, everything required to complete thermal energy assessments independently will be covered during the workshop.


Students aspiring to become an energy entrepreneur or build a career in the energy management or energy-efficiency industry can attend this workshop. Both undergraduate (third and fourth year) and postgraduate students will find this useful. 


  • Understand and evaluate the performance of various thermal systems.
  • Gather relevant data, quickly analyze them and suggest potential energy efficiency measures.
  • Strengthen preparation for energy manager or energy auditor exams. 


  • All the attendees will receive a participation certificate from IIT Madras. 
  • Selected students from the workshop will be offered a three-month paid internship position (with a monthly stipend of Rs.6000).
  • Students have an opportunity to become an independent energy consultant with help from Aspiration Cleantech Ventures
  • Best performing students in the internship will also be considered for a full-time position at Aspiration Cleantech Ventures. 


Section 1

Energy Performance Assessment of Various Thermal Energy Systems

  • Technology overview of Boilers, Industrial Furnaces, Steam Systems, Waste Heat Recovery Systems, and their inefficiencies 
  • Types of boilers, furnaces and their use cases
  • Approaches of energy assessment and opportunities for energy conservation in Boilers, Industrial Furnaces, Steam Systems.
  • Sustainable thermal energy systems like solar thermal, heat pumps and their advantages

Session 2

Heat Pumps and Their Role in Improving Energy Efficiency 

  • Heat pumps technology overview
  • Types of heat pumps and integration techniques
  • Estimating potential energy savings with heat pumps 


Rs. 2500/day (includes lunch and snacks). This will be refunded for students selected for an internship.