Energy Monitoring system

Energy Monitoring system(EMS) from AEPL will enable energy accounting of your thermal energy consumers. Currently designed and implemented for hot water systems, EMS allows you to conduct baseline assessments and continuously monitor performance of your system through cloud enabled interface. EMS also paves way for 3rd party verification of ESCO projects

Internet of Thermal System


  • Temperature measurement channels (inlet & Outlet)
  • Energy Consumption
  • Fluid flow measurement
  • GSM/GPRS gateway data transfer to server direct
  • Configurable alerts and its notification through email and mobile app to users
  • Remote monitoring web application

Business Benefits:

  • Efficient System diagnostics by remote monitoring
  • Efficient preventive maintenance & service planning
  • Enable delivery of heat as a service – Monthly billing of heat

AEPL’s EMS is enables by the “Internet of Thermal Systems, which is a combination of sensor hardware, communication gateways and backend cloud computing platforms. Each of the layers are independently customizable thus providing a modular approach to monitoring platforms. AEPL’s EMS can be configured to heating, electrical, lighting and cooling loads, thus enabling a centralized monitoring and analytics of plant energy data

Sensors & Edge Device Components

Configurable Cloud Based Web App

Intutive dashboard

Web App, SMS Alerts, Process monitoring and diagnostics


Steps to implementation

  1. Industry partner “expresses” interest
  2. Energy expert team analyzes energy usage data
  3. Electricity
  4. Gas/oil
  5. Air/Steam (if applicable)
  6. Other streams
  7. Sensor requirements identified
  8. Team visits plant site for one day
  9. Discusses plant operation with top management personnel
  10. Studies potential energy consumers
  11. Acquires data online
  12. Sets up online sensors to log real time data
  13. Energy and waste streams are analyzed and reports generated at defined intervals
  14. Opportunities for performance improvement identified and quantified