Auto Go Green

Sustainable Industrial Heating Solutions for Indian Auto & Auto Ancillary Companies

Solar Thermal for Auto Industry

Heating Applications Up To 120°C

  • Rooftop solar installation for 40-120°C industrial processes
  • Replace 30-40% fossil fuel used – with clean green solar energy
  • Three times more efficient than Solar PV and occupies
    only 1/3rd roof space
  • CO2 Mitigation in the order of 250-500 tons per annum
    depending on the fuel replaced
  • Energy security for 25 years

Heat Pumps for Auto Industry

Heating Applications up to 90°C

  • Passive solar systems for 75-90°C industrial processes
  • One of the few green solutions that provides
    quick Payback (<2 Years)
  • Can help slash heating bills by up to 50%
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Occupies very little space

Our Sustainable Heating Solutions find applications across several manufacturing processes in the Auto Industry that require a temperature range 40-120°C

Our thermal solutions are especially useful for the pretreatment shops and paint shops
for the following processes

Why Choose Our Sustainable Heating Solutions?

Because they make great economic sense

While you have a variety of choices for generating hot water and pre-heating required for your processes, AEPL’s Solar Thermal and Heat Pump solutions can reduce your energy costs by 40-50% and with paybacks ranging from 2-4 years.

Payback & Savings Potential for Solar Thermal & Heat Pump

Fuel Replaced Solar Thermal
(Payback in Years)
Heat Pump
(Paybackin Years)
LPG 2.97 2.6
Diesel 2.99 1.6
Electricity 3.91 1.62
SKO 4.03 2.5

Solution Snapshots – Prominent Case Study Highlights

Client - Leading manufacturer of automotive seating systems in India
Application Process - Pre-treatment processes – Degreaser, Phosphating
Plant Size - 360 kW
Source Replaced - 30 to 35 Tonnes of LPG per year
Temperature Required - 55-60°C
Delivery Temperature - 90o C
Total Loss Avoided (Rs Lakhs) - 90o C
Payback Period - 2-3 Years

Client - One of the largest truck manufacturers in the world

Application Process - Automotive Components Washing

Plant Size - 28 kW Heat pump (1,52,000 kWh/year)

Source Replaced - 72 kW Electric Heater (1,52,000 kWh/year)

Temperature Required - 50-55°C

Delivery Temperature - 75°C

Total Annual Savings  - Rs.5,60,000

Payback Period - <2 years

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